Career Opportunities

Not all people can attain this level of education. There IS a difference between Praxis graduates and lesser trained individuals.

The massage certification program is 1,800 classroom hours of theory and practice. The course can be completed in 64 weeks. The course is over four semesters, each with adequate break times to prevent burn out and increase retention. Praxis College assists each student in finding paying clients during the first weeks of class. This allows you to try out your skills in the real world. Students have access to the faculty for consultation and support, while building a private business. Textbooks, uniforms and supplies cost $1,000, this includes all equipment usage and over 4,000 pages of handouts. Students pay tuition at $250 per month with no down payment or interest charge. In addition, Interest Free Loans, Scholarships, Grants and Work-Study opportunities are available.

Praxis students are taught by Medical Doctors, Chinese Medical Doctors, Registered Nurses and Medical school Faculty. One of the Praxis instructors has been asked to massage two U.S. Presidents. Another has practiced in China. A retired FBI agent teaches our energy modalities course. In addition, we bring in nationally known experts and speakers. Our massage certification education program is a true educational experience. It is not a high school environment of accruing clock hours by reading a book or fluff topics to fill time. It is not the repetitious vocational training that most massage schools provide. We focus on intellectual understanding of the theories and scientific basis for a sound practice. Professionals learn the how and why behind the skills, the research and theories of practice.

There are many reasons why our program is so popular; our highly qualified and diverse faculty, the low cost and easy tuition payment, the depth of knowledge learned and quality of every aspect of the program. Professional image is another reason for getting certified by an exceptional college of massage therapy.

The Most Important Reason: Praxis College Is Committed to Your Success


Praxis College is dedicated to making every student in the college successful. In an effort to assist you, students are encouraged to take one of the school’s massage tables home to allow you to get your practice started. There is no charge for the use of the schools massage tables or chairs in your private business. This is something only a school of our size can provide. We invest in our students. Many of our graduates have been given money, equipment and interest free loans from Praxis College to start their own businesses. Praxis graduates own successful businesses and hire less educated therapists. Many of our graduates go to work for Praxis College in our Spa or in one of our corporate accounts. Starting wage for a new graduate working for Praxis College is $45 per hour. Our graduates currently hold administrative and managerial positions in the health field as equal partners with other health care professionals. Praxis Graduates are the leaders of the massage community.

Only 450 hours of the 1,800 hour program are clinical hours. That is only 25% of the total program. This compares with up to 60% in other programs. This means more of your valuable time is spent learning and earning an income. Your grade in the clinical rotation is based on the number of clients you are able to take with you when you graduate. The Praxis Day Spa is a tool to build your business using our advertising, location and reputation. Success is the name of the game.

“Practicing massage is an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.”