About Praxis

The school has its beginnings inside St. Anthony hospital as a 555-hour certification course. The curriculum is founded on the work of Mary J"s training of therapists in the 1960"s and the first Skilled Touch Class taught in 1975. Nursing Entrepreneurs Ltd. purchased Praxis College from St Anthony hospital in 1987 and separated from the hospital, and became licensed by the State through the Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools (OBPVS) in 1988. In 1991 Praxis College leased some classrooms in a quiet, second-floor area of French Market Mall. We sponsored a competition of OSU architecture students to design a massage school. Massage therapists and community leaders were invited to a reception at the Marriott ballroom to view the results and vote on twelve designs as well as three potential locations. While a string quartet played several hundred people visualized our future. In 1992, the program expanded to 1100 hours. In 1994 the campus was purchased. In 2004 the program was completely redesigned and expanded to 1,800 hours. We have a quiet rural atmosphere in an underdeveloped area of Oklahoma City a mile north of Nichols Hills on Western. NOw, we have extended our reach to Jacksonville. FL. Praxis College is able to provide a high level of education at a cost lower, almost 50% lower, than other institutions due to several factors, including an unmatched financial stability, gifts, grants and endowments from the medical and business community. The faculty has designed programs that allow flexibility and respects your experience.

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